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Manuka honey, not only does it taste delicious but it offers health benefits

“Smearing honey on wound could prevent infection” was a recent headline in The Times.  Researchers at Cardiff University have found that smearing “an expensive honey” on wounds could help protect against bacterial infections, including MRSA. Manuka honey comes from bees which have collected nectar from Manuka trees (Tea Trees) in New Zealand.  Tea Tree oil has long been recognised for … Read the full article here >

Leek Tart recipe, Manuka Honey and taking honey to combat Hay Fever

One of my favourite cookery writers is Tamasin Day-Lewis – not so easy to find her books, but well worth the effort because her recipes are divine and the photography is gorgeous.  I particularly like her little introductory comments with each recipe.  This is from her book “The Art of the Tart”. George Morley’s Leek Tart – serves 6-8 3lb … Read the full article here >