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Supporting the regeneration of the immune system with Magnehealth

“My purpose for purchasing was purely general wellbeing in an era where we are being bombarded with radio frequencies, toxins/pollutants, reduced quality food with higher pesticide residues and compromised quality of water.  I feel it is important to do everything possible to support the regeneration of the immune system”.   Like most online retailers these days, we now offer a product review … Read the full article here >

Magnewool Pillow Pads and the remarkable difference magnets can make

One of our biggest sellers over the past month has been the Magnetic Pillow Insert, this is largely because it was mentioned in the June issue of Spirit & Destiny magazine and it detailed the difference a Magnewool underblanket has made to one of our customers, Sheila.  It has provoked an enormous amount of interest, so much so, that we have had … Read the full article here >