Supporting the regeneration of the immune system with Magnehealth

“My purpose for purchasing was purely general wellbeing in an era where we are being bombarded with radio frequencies, toxins/pollutants, reduced quality food with higher pesticide residues and compromised quality of water.  I feel it is important to do everything possible to support the regeneration of the immune system”.   Like most online retailers these days, we now offer a product review service and it can be surprisingly revealing.  It gives customers a chance to say what might not otherwise be said and comments like this one make us even more determined to bring the Magnehealth range to a wider audience.

At some point in early March we hope to launch our new look website – it has been in hibernation during the winter, but, at last, just as Spring seems to be appearing, the final touches are being added.  This is always a really exciting time of year; tomorrow is officially the start of Spring and the days, at last, are getting longer….

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