Superb Garden Nursery, Winner of £100 Voucher, Junior White Cloud Range

Every few weeks I receive a delightful email from Michael Loftus who not only runs a wonderful nursery in Suffolk, but also happens to be a customer of ours. His gorgeous nursery is a specialist, old fashioned, plantsman’s nursery and the catalogue is out of this world. Michael’s latest email contains details of a Delphinium Offer and now that we have Spring (if only we had blue skies as well!) it makes me aspire to spend more time in the garden. Take a look at his lovely website and I recommend signing up for the email newsletter:

Congratulations to Freda in Kent who has won £100 White Cloud Voucher with Daisy Green Magazine, an online green magazine, full of offers, competitions and eco advice.

All of the work that has gone on in the past few months has, at last come to fruition- the White Cloud website now shows the new box packaging, of which we are hugely proud. Existing customers have been encouraging us for some time to consider developing a Junior Range so that little ones can have their very own “White Cloud”…. this, combined with the new “mini brochure” coming off the press this week, makes us feel very positive about the future and we will continue to do our best to defy the gloom and doom frenzy that the British media is so fond of. We are, after all, a nation of small shopkeepers and I think it can often be forgotten that privately owned businesses form the backbone of the British economy.

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