“Sufferers find migraine relief without a pill in sight”

Was the title of a recent article on 22nd September in the Daily Telegraph reporting that the delivery of a brief magnetic pulse to the back of the head significantly helped 73%  of migraine sufferers in clinical trials.  Migraine symptoms were improved or did not develop in 63% of patients and the number of headache days experienced declined for 53%. 

Magnetic Pillow Pads (£24.50) have been a recent very successful addition to the White Cloud/Magnewool range.  The quilted cotton pads contain 40 magnets (450-500 gauss) and are most effective when placed on top of your pillow inside the pillowcase.  The great advantage of natural magnetic therapy is that not only does it provide a long term pain relief solution, but it reduces dependence and reliance on strong (and costly) drugs.

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