"Students love to stay in bed but they're not so keen on cleaning sheets"

“Students love to stay in bed but they’re not so keen on cleaning sheets” was the eye catching title to a recent mention of White Cloud’s wool duvets on Brag-it-Up.  Investment in one long lasting, simple, eco friendly, odour repelling wool duvet seems to be nothing short of a bargain, particularly when compared with the following:

In the US, according to forbes.com the Back to School/Uni period is now the second biggest consumer event of the year for retailers.  An excellent article in The Independent last Saturday by Laurence Earle, went on to describe an email from the UK’s most trusted retailer “Six of the best back to school products” – one might naturally be forgiven for expecting this to be a list of useful classics, such as notebooks or calculators, but no, it is a list that includes a whole new IT upgrade including a Dell Ultrabook (a mere £599.95) and a Canon Pixma Wireless Printer (£59.95)….

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