The start of the Christmas Fair season and Gifts for under £40 from White Cloud

Next week marks the start of the Christmas Fair season for White Cloud – This year we will be focussing on gifts for under £40 to include lambskins, colourful cushions, hot water bottles, hand creams for hard working hands and sheep soaps ….  our aim has always been to have products that we not only like ourselves, but products of inherent quality.

The striped cushions are filled with wool and are available in a choice of Aqualime (blue/green stripes) or Colourful Pink (pink/purple/green), competitively priced at £34.50 we only have limited numbers available.  We have also decided to offer mini hot water bottles in the same colours  for £21.95 – occcasionally other colours might be available; please call for details.  Our Skincare Range is a consistently good seller throughout the year; the Intensive Cream “for hardworking hands and feet” is priced at £14.50 for a 200g jar that lasts months and months and is particularly beneficial for anyone who does lots of gardening or spends a lot of time working outdoors.   If you would like us to make up a gift pack with a mixture of products, we are only too happy to do so…


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