Spring Newsletter and A Really Good Read !

5 days to go before the official arrival of Spring! More snow and slush this week- but the good news is that the bantams have started laying again and crocuses are appearing under the apple tree. The days are getting longer and, at last, it feels like winter might be coming to an end. Our existing customers will be getting a Spring Newsletter very soon, deliberately illustrated with daffodils. Did you know that Newent (in Gloucestershire) is famous for tiny wild daffodils? Whole fields used to be carpeted with them and they were picked and sent to London by train in days gone by. Sadly we no longer have the railway and sadly there are far fewer daffodils, but West Gloucestershire is still famous for them and they can still be found in undisturbed woodlands and where farmers have kept to traditional farming methods.

“He’ll be Ok” – this wonderful book is subtitled “Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men”. As a mum of three teenage boys, I am recommending this encouraging and reassuring book to all of us who have boys. … written by Celia Lashlie and published by Harper Collins, Celia spent many years working in the New Zealand prison service, and saw what can happen when boys make wrong choices. As a single parent she pondered on how best to guide her adolescent son safely to adulthood, and this book is the result of her research and discoveries.
It tells us, as mothers, how to learn to step back and appreciate that boys really are different to us and that they need to learn to be men during their teenage years. It deserves to be on every family bookshelf- go on, order it from your local bookshop and, even better, tell all your friends about it as well.

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