Spring Lambs for White Cloud

Rather than the conventional arrival of Spring Lambs, White Cloud has welcomed the arrival of some new Sheep Soaps, made of natural minerals and Dead Sea Mud.  These will be included on the website very soon and they will gradually replace the black sheep in our Skincare Collection.  Completely natural, they are made of sheep milk, shea butter and Dead Sea minerals.   By the time we attend Spirit of Summer in May, we are also expecting to have a selection of coloured sheep soaps; verbena, lavender and marigold. 

Now that all of our stock is amalgamted into one glorious space, it has made office life dramatically easier – but as with all things, there are downsides and in this case it is waiting for electricity for the big barn!  At the moment it means trudging down to the barn, flinging the barn doors open wide to the elements and getting on with packing up as speedily as possible – the increasing hours of daylight are a most welcome sign of Spring being on the horizon….


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