Spring Lambs – a new addition to the range, Plans for Spirit of Summer and a perfect accompaniment for The Royal Wedding

Our long awaited Spring babies have finally arrived!  Some very welcome boxes were delivered today, filled to the brim with some absolutely delightful little lamb soaps.  We have had our eye on these for some time and they more than live up to expectation- we have chosen both black and white and very soon will be formally incoporating them into the White Cloud flock ….

Stand C69 at the Spirit of Summer show in Olympia is coming along nicely; booking these events is the easy part, the tricky bit is knowing how the shelving will fit the allotted space (whether there is even enough of it, but mathematical calculations are left to Guy), finding a company that doesn’t insist on selling a minimum of 500 bags, making sure guest invitations have gone to all those that should have one, etc etc. 

Today we found we could successfully make a special size small organic wool blanket for an elderly customer; everything worked and nothing went wrong.  In fact we are so pleased with the result that we will be producing some more and taking them with us to Spirit of Summer.  I even have an eye on one for myself; an absolutely perfect accompaniment to The Royal Wedding for all that TV watching on Friday….

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