Special Offer on Cotton and Wool Magnetic Therapy Underblankets from White Cloud

White Cloud currently as a very Special Offer on our MagneHealth magnetic therapy Cotton and Wool Underblankets, as we need to clear the decks before the next container arrives at the end of February.

We are often asked “Will it work for me?” and the answer almost always has to be “You won’t know unless you try” – this is because every individual is very different and results can vary.  By providing a generous 60 day money back guarantee on all of the MagneHealth Underblankets, we hope this is ample reassurance that we believe in the products we sell.

The quilted Cotton Underblanket has proved every bit as successful as we had hoped it would; a more economical version of the original Wool Underblanket, all of the magnetic therapy underblankets  provide natural pain relief.  Well over half of our MagneHealth sales tend to come from word of mouth recommendation by friends or family and this is something that is really very rare in this day and age.  As a result, we are giving MagneHealth much more of a focus in 2014 and why we currently have a special offer on both the Cotton and the Wool Magnetic Underblankets.

2013 saw the introduction of MagneFeet – these effective bio magnetic shoe insoles not only improve circulation but also help stimulate blood flow and are available for £14.95….

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