Why we all need more sleep

“Four years ago, I learnt the value of sleep – the hard way” … so began a really well written article in the Saturday Telegraph at the end of January.  The author, Arianna Huffington went on to describe how sustained lack of sleep eventually led to her passing out from exhaustion and she collapsed and ended up in hospital.  She wrote “In the years since that wake-up call, I’ve come to understand that it’s not enough to treat sleep – and especially lack of sleep – as a stand-alone issue.  Along the way I have become a sleep evangelist, whether I am gently chiding HuffPost reporters and editors who email me in the wee hours or sending my friends the same Christmas gift as last year, an old fashioned alarm clock, so they could stop using the excuse that they needed their tempting iPhone by their bed to wake them up in the morning”

Off to the Birmingham Spring Fair tomorrow – slightly filled with dread as rumour has it that it would involve 46 miles of walking if one were to visit each and every stand…

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