Sleep tight – the search for the right pillow

Finding the right pillow can be quite a challenge, and this, unusually, is being written from the point of view of us as a retailer, rather than that of a customer.  We have taken the decision to phase out our pure lambswool pillows and to replace them with a new pillow containing wool combined with polyester.  Initially this may sound like a downgrade, but we were finding that, over time, the plain lambswool pillows became compressed and we felt alternatives had to be looked at.

Still sourced from New Zealand, the new replacement Standard Wool Pillow is recommended for Asthma and Allergy sufferers.  Encased in 280 thread count 100% cotton, the new pillows have the best of both worlds; lambswool for natural softness and polyester for long term loft and resilience.

We continue to offer the more luxurious Cashmere/Wool pillow – this contains 1000g of pure cashmere combined with lambswool and is the pillow we recommend for customers looking for something softer with a more luxurious feel.  Cashmere is the ultimate fibre for softness and warmth, but it needs to be combined with something a little stronger, like lambswool, to give it substance.

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