Singing the praises of Cinderford Cinema, NFU & local friends

Last weekend we armed ourselves with tissues and went to see Warhorse at our local cinema in Cinderford in the Forest of Dean – this is always a treat in itself; a little independent cinema which doesn’t take cards, one little kiosk does the tickets and then the same member of the staff pops up at the next kiosk to dish up sweets and coffee.  The whole experience is a complete joy and as a customer you really feel you are appreciated. 

Another local business that we really cherish is the NFU in Cinderford – from the year dot we have insured our house, our cars, the motorbikes, and now they take care of White Cloud as well.  It is impossible to overstate how wonderful it is to have someone who actually knows who you are when you telephone and for that reason alone, they will always have our loyalty and business.  Even better, we now have all of the boys carrying on the tradition with 2 of them being insured at Uni through the NFU.   When I rang recently to ask if we could revive our subscription to the Countryside NFU magazine, Barbara even offered to organise all of this and fill in details on our behalf – I felt this typified the service they offer.

Last but not least, we had huge fun at a Pub Quiz recently which was fundraising for the local Scout Hut and held in a local pub.  The place was completely packed, the questions were impossible and it was huge fun – it made us all appreciate just how much the smaller things in life are the more enjoyable and I don’t think it was just me who felt an appreciation for local friendships and the sense of belonging to a community …

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