Signs of Spring – Wild Daffodils, Eggs and a new Mini Brochure

How wonderfully encouraging to think that we have, officially almost reached the end of Winter, and are about to enter Spring. Newent is famous for its wild daffodils and, at last, they are beginning to come into flower in all the local woods. Much smaller than the conventional garden daffodil, these delicate little symbols of Spring used to be a common sight around the edges of local fields and trains used to take handpicked daffodils to Covent Garden flower market. Ledbury/Newent/Dymock forms a triangle on the Gloucestershire/Herefordshire border where these little flowers still flourish.

Another heartening sign of Spring is that our hens have finally decided they might start laying again. I love my little Appenzellers and their little white bantam sized eggs make the the most perfect of boiled eggs. Bantams are real characters- rightly or wrongly I have kept the most handsome of the cockerels, but he is flighty and can easily get his girls skittering about, for no reason at all. Never mind, I shall forgive him because I am hoping for lots of chicks this year. I still haven’t managed to find a replacement Friesan bantam after last year’s catastrophic fox attack, so, fingers crossed, we shall have some broody hens in a few months time. Hens are so rewarding- they are always busy, always industrious and eat almost everything. Left over spaghetti is their tip-top favourite, and I have to admit sometimes I just cook it for fun, because the end result is so entertaining …

The new White Cloud “Mini Brochure” is due to be printed this week– most exciting. It looks really very different from our previous one, but it was time for a completely new look which takes into account all of the new White Cloud branding. With a big mail out due to take place later in March, it really does feel like a fresh start and we are feeling optimistic about the year ahead.

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