Shopping locally and saving money with Magnehealth

The last few weeks have seen some frenetic shopping activity on Ebay – ever since we decided to go full steam ahead with a 2 person holiday flat (furnished with White Cloud wool bedding, of course) we thought we would buy as much as humanly possible on Ebay.  To date, the list of purchases includes curtains, linen sheets, an Aga kettle, a bathroom, a kitchen and even an Aga, but last weekend was the pinnacle of achievement as listed only 3 miles away, was a small little look-alike woodburner fuelled by gas.  Absolutely the perfect thing for a holiday flat; no chopping of logs, instant warmth, small AND perfectly formed.  Had it been 50 miles away it would have been wonderful, but to find it on our doorstep was even more amazing.  AJ had a similar story to tell; he had been searching for months for a mountain bike, and had almost given up hope when suddenly up came one for sale in Highnam which is less than 8 miles away from us both.   There is something remarkably pleasing about finding things so close to home; the next thing on the Watch List is a collection of tiles in Ross on Wye….

Within a couple of months we hope to have new stock of cotton magnetic underblankets – these will be offering all the benefits of Magnewool, but will be priced a little cheaper and will be ideal for warmer (yes, we think it might happen!) months.  Also on their way are a gorgeous selection of coloured wool blankets, amongst which is a heavenly Spring Green that I hope we will have in time for Spirit of Summer in May.

All is going remarkably well with our new White Cloud storage barn; the only minor disadavantage is currently no electricity (!) so it means togging up and making the most of the hours of daylight.  There are glorious compensations to be had;  for instance a little cluster of about 6 Bullfinches feeding on damson tree buds and watching the handywork of Dave the Hedge who has cut and laid a new hedge.  Who says old skills are disappearing?  We are still lucky in this part of the world to have a little piece of England as it used to be.

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