Sewn Sheepskins – gorgeous floor rugs (a team effort)


This is a photo of a lovely double sheepskin that has been sewn together for Victoria, who we met @ Spirit of Summer in London recently.  Although we have done a task like this before, between us we have found a much better way of carefully cutting the skins to provide an even edge so that the sewing is invisible.  So; chosen by Victoria, cut by Sue and Caroline, sewn by Terri and collected for us by our youngest son, Rupert!  All now ready to be packaged up and sent to Victoria for her daughter’s birthday.

Terri is making up some more double sheepskins for us and we are also experimenting with a quarto sheepskin which is four skins attached to each other.  Pairing and matching the skins takes some time to do, but all the time spent on them is worth it because the end result is irresistible.   These sheepskins come from a family owned business in New Zealand and the skins they supply are not only of the highest export quality but are also certified safe for use by children.


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