Right Royal Pet Beds in The Lady Magazine and Duvets for the British Summer

White Cloud is offering a 15% Jubilee discount in the Jubilee edition of The Lady magazine on all Pet Beds; enter Code PBL06 at the checkout to claim a 15% discount.  We decided that Bertie, with his Corgi connection with royalty was a most suitable and loyal subject for the latest advertisement with The Lady.  The Pet Beds are all made with Merino fleece and backed with lovely Raspberry red gingham or Navy blue gingham – fantastically hard wearing; for floors, dog baskets, garden parties, the back of Landrovers etc!

Last week saw the arrival of masses of lightweight Summer wool duvets– these have been designed with the vagaries of the British summer in mind; light, soft and cool they are guaranteed to keep you comfortable during hotter months and are perfect for this time of year.  All White Cloud duvets are recommended for use by allergy sufferers.

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