Redefining the White Cloud range, Eco-Chic Competition Winner, New White Cloud Brochure, RSPB National Survey

We have been using this month to reconsider a small number of our products. One casualty is going to be the larger white/cream sheepskins. With a small stock of only four left, if you think you might like one, please let us know! We feel we want to concentrate on the Lambskins for Babies and the larger Yoga Sheepskins, both of which sell well and are beginning to gain a good reputation. We will also be rationalising the Skincare Range– the Face Creams are not being re-ordered (don’t worry Natasha or Mrs Pennefather, I have put a special stock to one side for you) and the Gift Boxes will now have a lovely sheep soap instead. The soaps seem to sell well and are very appealing, so we are now also offering these as a pack of 3, wrapped and nestled in wool. Lip Balms have become more and more expensive, so these will not be available as single items any more, but we will continue to include them in the Gift Boxes. Take a look at the Skincare Range to see the latest selection …

Eco-Chic Organic Double Blanket Competition
Last week the winner of an on-line competition with Eco-Chic was chosen, so Simon Sims of Stourbridge now has a lovely soft organic blanket on its way to him. We had a lot of interest and are likely to run something similar again.

Enormous amounts of work has been going on behind the scenes to replace and update some photography both for the website and for our next brochure. Brochures represent quite a challenge, as the more you have printed, the cheaper they become but, conversely, you need to avoid having them on the shelf for too long. It takes weeks if not months to redesign a brochure, so we have been working on a much reduced brochure, quite a lot less text and more photos. We still attach great importance to being able to supply a brochure, and although lots of businesses see them as a relic from the past, we find that they serve an important purpose and help give credibility to our products. From late February, we hope to have our new version printed and ready to send.

Next weekend is the RSPB National Bird Survey, a chance to take some time and observe what birds might be visiting our gardens. The desperately cold temperatures over Christmas went on for so long that it is feared huge numbers of little birds, in particular, will have perished. That said, we have had lots of Long Tailed Tits feeding in family groups, which we have never noticed before. My favourite of all is the Nuthatch, but whether we see one individual or we have two, I really don’t know! To be honest, I buy the suet pellets mostly for him, he is so beautiful. I was delighted last week when one of our boys spotted a Green Woodpecker and could tell me what it was; all those years of subtle effort in trying to interest them seems to have paid off! Just as well as next weekend, our youngest son will have to take on the task of the Survey for me, as the middle one leaves to go on his travels to New Zealand- so Rupert, it’s over to you to take on the task!

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