Reassuringly, some things never change (and that includes wool duvets!)

With one son graduating from University this week, and our youngest son finishing school yesterday, this has been a significant week but, reassuringly, some things never change, and all 3 sons still have and love their original wool duvets from New Zealand.  These duvets were the inspiration behind starting White Cloud when we returned to England in 2005 and they continue to be the core of this business.  The mere fact that these original duvets still look as good as they did when they were bought over 10 years ago, is the reason that we strive to offer the best wool duvets currently available in the UK…

Work is now completed on The Granary – a small stone barn that has been converted to a holiday cottage for 2 on the borders of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.  It is an opportunity for guests to experience the comfort and softness of wool bedding for themselves, from the softness of an underblanket, to the cosiness of a wool duvet, we hope we have succeeded in providing the very best night’s sleep in secluded and private surroundings….

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