Reasons to be cheerful, completed White Cloud packaging and working on a January/February Winter email

There’s nothing like a walk to lift your spirits and today I came back from a favourite walk in the woods clutching a lovely little collection of twigs of early catkins- I can’t believe it, we are beginning to see signs of new life everywhere, even the snowdrops are starting to appear. So, now I have a beautiful glass vase full of catkins sitting on my desk… even better, the days are lengthening by 2 minutes each day, yes, a whole 2 minutes, which in an entire week is almost a quarter of an hour!

At last, we have the finished labels for our Cashmere Duvets– this means that they, along with Wool Duvets and Underblankets can now be sent out in our brand new White Cloud carton. This is the culmination of months of hard work and planning, and it is an absolute joy to see something that has been a project for so long emerge into a fully fledged item that is a piece of art in its own right. We have deliberately stayed true to the wonderful Merino ram set against a backdrop of genuine South Island scenery as we feel he epitomises the quality and heritage of all our products. So, from now on we have a range of products that can be displayed side by side on shop shelves- the next thing demanding attention is the Wool Pillows, for which a box is also planned, but that is still on the drawing board as the saying goes.

The focus this week has been preparing for a January/February email newsletter which is in incubation as I write. With a focus on Winter warmth and Valentine’s Day we are hoping it will be the first of our bi-monthly emails sent out with links to the facebook page and offers to our existing customers. When it arrives, we hope you really enjoy it and consider passing it on to an interested friend.

It was amusing to read in the newspaper recently of a couple who have invented “Cosy Cool” which is a duvet with the option of adding layers- I have to admit, a small part of me thought “hang on a minute, we offer something like this already” but their story is a good one …

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