Ready, Steady, Gold with Magnetic Therapy…

Our local town of Newent is on the very western edge of Gloucestershire; mostly life passes us by but all of that changed yesterday when the British Team won Gold at the Dressage Competition.  Carl Hester’s yard is outside Newent, so there is a most tremendous sense of pride in the area and it was particularly interesting to read of his belief in magnetic therapy for his horses:  “Before they are ridden, we put the Activo Med magnetic rug on in order to warm and stimulate back muscles before work.  The rug is used again after work to relax muscles”.    Only last week Betty Talbot telephoned us to tell us how a magnetic underblanket almost literally saved her life 40 years ago

Magnetic Therapy is essentially very simple; the iron in the blood responds to the magnets, and this in turn improves natural blood flow and therefore energy around the body.  White Cloud is the sole UK importer for Magnewool Underblankets and over the past few years we have developed a range of pet beds to help all shapes and sizes, from Dachshunds to Dobermans…..

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