R.I.P Little Friesan Hen (and her chicks)

Well, little Friesan hen and her chicks are no more– a fox got into her run last night and killed her and took 3 out of 4 of the chicks. We went outside this morning to find the door of the run on the ground, a few feathers, but not many, and one little chick who had had a miraculous escape. How it had avoided being caught I have no idea and there it was cheeping frantically outside pen number two. Fortunately nasty Appenzeller hen has adopted it as if it was her own, and for that I am relieved. Nasty Appenzeller’s temperament was even more feisty than normal this morning and I suspect she had also endured night time trauma as some of her feathers were also on the ground.
Foxes are supreme killers and they will return again and again once they know there is easy prey to be had. Little Friesan hen had been with us for about 4 years- ever since we bought her at Usk Country Show and she was the sole survivor of a particularly devastating fox attack 2 years ago. Such is the cycle of life …

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