Quick and easy home-made bunting, no sewing involved!

A quick guide on how to make bunting for the Royal Wedding with only some paper, scissors, a hole punch and string!

I had left all my commemorative shopping far too late and yesterday everywhere in Ross on Wye had sold out of Union Jack paper plates, napkins etc BUT the Cook Shop saved the day because they showed me how to make simple bunting out of hardly anything at all:

I am using some Emma Bridgewater Union Jack wrapping paper (luckily it is double sided) and I have marked up triangles with a short side of 12.5cm and two long sides of 18cm.  Cut the triangles out and use a hole punch make a hole in the two corners of the short side, thread all your triangles onto some decent string and, hey presto, home made bunting!    I have dug out my grandmother’s beautiful linen Union Jack and that is now hanging from one of our windows, fluttering gently in the Spring sunshine.   

Oh, and I thought I might make some mini bunting to fit on to the dogs’ collars; we are always being told that Bertie has a bit of a Corgi resemblance …

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