Quality Lambskins And Sheepskins Offering Luxury Products From White Cloud

With the cold weather well and truly here to stay for the next few months, what could be better than a luxurious lambskin or sheepskin taking pride of place in your home?

These soft white lambskins provide a perfect gift for new babies and small children, with the soft to touch wool materials making them ideal for your baby to lie on and just relax in the kind of comfort that your new born child really deserves. 

So, what makes White Cloud Lambskins and Sheepskins so special?

  • Long, fine, white Sheepskins
  • New Zealand Quality Assured and ISO 9001Certified
  • For Children, Meditation and Interior Design
  • Fully machine washable

All White Cloud Lambskins are from New Zealand where babies are routinely brought up with the benefits of sleeping with wool.

Each lambskin has been individually selected for both the quality and softness of the wool.

The reason that White Cloud products are of such long lasting quality and comfort is partially down to the wool used as Wool is hydrophobic; it actively repels moisture, which means it feels comfortable to the touch.

All of the lambskins and sheepskins have been sanitised as an additional protection against mildew and micro-organisms and safe for use by infants.

If you would like to find out more information about these stunning products, then simply head over to the website or give their team a ring on 01989 721010.

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