Pure New Zealand wool duvets, wool pillows and wool bedding from White Cloud Trading Co Ltd

Hi, my name is Caroline and welcome to our brand new blog!

I am married to Guy and we have three special and lovely boys, two dogs, two cats and a variable population of hens. We live in a beautiful unspoilt corner of Gloucestershire (the edge of the Forest of Dean) in a house we bought in 1991.

For someone who has never really enjoyed contact with computers, I have had to learn very fast in the last 18 months but this blog really appealed to me as I do love words and suddenly realised we could devote a little corner to our much loved dogs (like most English people, I really love my dogs) and their spot will be called DOG BLOG. Occasionally, when there isn’t enough for them to contribute, you might see MOG BlOG instead. In fact one of our cats, Sponge Bob, is more entitled than the rest of us as she was born in New Zealand and was a $25 spontaneous purchase in a pet shop ….

In 2000 we went to live and work in New Zealand for five years, accompanied by our sons who were then 9, 7 and 5. For five wonderful years we lived in New Plymouth and escaped English winters while we were there we happened to buy, quite by luck, a wool filled duvet which solved much of our eldest son’s trouble with insomnia. I was so impressed that we replaced all our feather duvets and thus a little idea began to germinate.

Early in 2005 we began to talk about some business ideas for our return to England and the thought of importing wool duvets from New Zealand never quite went away. Literally as our container was being packed, I went and bought half a dozen “Queenstown” duvets made by Ellis Fibre from one of the shops in New Zealand. The packaging was glorious and we thought we would have them as samples to see if our friends might be interested. We never had any contact at all with Ellis before we actually left.

March 2005 and we arrived back home and telephoned Ellis (http://www.ellis-fibre.co.nz/) in New Zealand. To their utter and eternal credit they liked what we said and have encouraged us and supported us ever since. We have sole distributor arrangements with them and will always have a very special affection and loyalty for a family company in Dunedin that took us on trust and have believed in us ever since.

Here we are, almost 18 months later with a company (http://www.whitecloudtrading.co.uk/) and tons and tons of duvets stored in our barn! Although we have had part shipments, nothing quite prepared us for the arrival last week of a complete container full of duvets, underlays and pillows. After 8 hours work, we finally had everything stored, though there are some corners that I can hardly get to!

We are expecting to launch a new brochure in September and the designers had the brilliant idea last week of storing the brochures in with the sweetly scented aromatherapy pillows; great idea, Paul!

Finally, for today, we are off to what is termed a Three Day Event(http://www.hartpury.ac.uk/equine/eventing/index.htm), but in reality is a Four Day equestrian event at Hartpury College tomorrow- the van and car are packed to the gunwhales and we leave tomorrow at 7 am on a venture into the unknown. What if it rains?? We will let you know how we got on next week ….

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