Pounds for Penguins!

Regular readers of the White Cloud blog will be delighted to know that over £350 was donated to the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust during 2009. Take a look at www.yellow-eyedpenguin.org.nz for a lot more detail, but the Yellow Eyed Penguin is unique to New Zealand, not only that, it is a land based penguin which makes it different from most other penguins. It inhabits the coastal forests of southern New Zealand, an area where many of the White Cloud products are manufactured. In 1990/1991 this little bird was perhaps the rarest penguin in the world with only 150 pairs left because of land based predators. Their future is still uncertain but “every little bit helps” and we donate £1 every time a pillow is sold. Please keep buying lovely White Cloud wool pillows!

Don’t forget to take a look at our Special Offers- a selection of wool blankets and a few sheepskins, even some duvet covers. These are genuine bargains; the result of a recent annual stocktake.

We are considering an enormous re-brand this year- almost six years on and we feel established and confident enough to tackle a significant rebrand which will bring all of our products into a cohesive White Cloud Range– this will involve new packaging for almost everything and will start with an updated website. From small beginnings this has grown to be a brand with big potential and we aim to continue to specialise in New Zealand made products. New Zealand has an enviable reputation for quality and ingenuity; something we want the White Cloud range to reflect. Maybe you know of some special products that we haven’t yet considered? We’d love to hear from you ….

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