Pet Plan Magazine, Blanket Stitch machine and Period Living Competition Winner

We have been absolutely delighted with the response to a mention in the recent Pet Plan magazine offering subscribers 15% discount on our wool pet beds. Even better, some customers have come back and ordered more which all helps keep Sue in gainful employment and goes to show that the British really do love their cats and dogs.

Great excitement at the end of last week- after some considerable searching we have found ourselves a Blanket Stitch sewing machine. After looking near and far, by amazing good luck we found one just outside Ledbury and only 20 minutes away! (Always best to shop locally!) It was delivered on Friday afternoon and has now got a new home. It means we can now do special sizes in the Contemporary Classic blanket range, and also the striped Dream range. Even I, the worst needleworker in the world, am inclined to teach myself as it looks so much fun .. All we have to do now is track down the correct wool yarn to go with the existing natural stitch colour and we can do whatever might be required.

I tackled a Jamie Oliver recipe for Friday evening and came to the conclusion that it was a casualty of his early success and hadn’t been “road tested”! it sounded really simple (leg of lamb slow cooked along with a mass of vegetables and a bottle of wine) but the only pan I could find that was big enough to do everything was my jam preserving pan, (but then I remembered it was too big to go in the oven!) It ended up sitting on top of the woodburner, covered with foil which seemed to work!) However, desperate measures were called for because it tasted insipid and bland; in went Puy lentils, a jar of Cranberry sauce, a jar of blackberry jam and things started to improve. Mind you it had already been quite an eventful culinary episode as Olly had to be wrestled and parted from the leg of lamb whilst it was initially defrosting! Never mind, great end result and it was really good to find that it was not in the slightest bit fatty or greasy and the meat was really tender. In essence:

Braise a leg of lamb in a large casserole. Lift it out, braise masses of cut up and cubed vegetables- swede, parsnips, carrots, onions (I also added some small potatoes).
Brown everything and then add the lamb back to the casserole. Pour over a bottle of white wine and throw in some herbs. Add a little water as time goes on, but cook for approximately 5 hours in a slow oven.

Finally, congratulations to Susan Herald who has won a King size Winter Wool Duvet after entering a competition through Period Living Magazine ….

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