Angus and pet beds, Inglish as she is spoke

This handsome fellow is Angus – he is one of our canine customers, but not content with his own pet bed, he has sneaked upstairs to his “Mum’s” bedroom, and as she says, he has even closed his eyes because he knows he shouldn’t be on their lovely wool underblanket; by pretending to be asleep he was hoping he wouldn’t get spotted…
Freezing cold weather, what seems like perma-frost and such short days- thank goodness we only have 21 days to go before it is the shortest day of the year. Everything is so dark and cold, no wonder so many people get affected by SAD in the far northern hemisphere.
Our own cause for mild depression this morning was caused by a minor but inevitable slide, in the car, straight into the metal cattlegrid gatepost! It was all in the cause of trying to get our youngest son to school, and our middle son off to work, but it didn’t go quite to plan. Although our drive looks innocuous for most of the year, it always catches folks out as it becomes a skating rink in ice and snow and has enough tricky bends/hills/corners to please Colin Macrae … we are planning on leaving the bigger car at the end of the drive tonight and walking on foot between it and the house. Once again it looks like the ante-diluvian Landrover might come out of its annual mothballs and be put back into service.
Having mentioned our youngest son, he came home from school last week with a wonderful anecdote from his tutor, who had overheard this in a shop in Gloucester: (teenage girl speaking to dad) “it’s not uuhh, it’s wot” !! It has kept us smiling for days …
Finally, off tomorrow on a trip north of Ludlow to have a rendezvous with Marisa from Tadpole PR – planning on meeting at the Food Centre, ostensibly to discuss our new brochure, but really to sneak in a nice coffee together and then go shopping in the very upmarket “Farm Shop”. It is much grander than any other farm shops I know, but once in a while it makes for a very nice visit.
Next blog- a recipe for absolutely delicious Christmas mincemeat muffins ….

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