Period House Competition, Welcome to Sally and Pipers Farm exemplary service for hungry students

Audrey Feltham in Shropshire and Robert Woodcroft in Dunstable are the winners of a competition run by Period House to win 2 single Autumn weight wool duvets- both seem to be delighted to have won; it’s always rewarding when deserving people win prizes!

This has been a busy week- we have found a wonderful person called Sally to help us organise gift fairs and shows… in the early days we tried to do everything ourselves, but soon came to realise that it was/is almost impossible to be away from the office and do a good job of running the business. Over the years we have turned down a lot of opportunities to do Christmas gift fairs, but, hallelujah, I think Sally is just the person we need. She loves selling, she loves people and, even better, she doesn’t seem to mind considering doing anything. Our first venture together will be The Cheltenham Christmas Gift Fair on 28th/29th October. Two minds are definitely better than one, and already we are talking about doing little Christmas “puddings” with soaps wrapped in wool, tied up with ribbon with White Cloud gift tags… Thank goodness for Sally, she has been worth waiting 5 years to find!

Finally, with our eldest son back at University in cold, dark Newcastle we started to think about resuming food parcels this week. Friends of ours run a wonderful mail order meat business in Devon and we decided to hand the whole problem over to them- the task was to feed 4 seriously hungry, active Army students (sorry Dave, I know you are RAF sponsored). Henrietta had carte blanche to choose what she thought best; we parted with some money and the very next day a food parcel had arrived on the doorstep. You can’t ask for better service than that! Highly recommended:

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