“Peace Camp” A coastal installation celebrating love, poetry and landscape & 15% discount on Magnewool Pet Beds

For anyone who can find some time to spare this weekend, there is a really special art installation at 7 remote coastal sites around the UK.  Called “Peace Camp” it is a series of small illuminated tents with a soundscape continually playing poetry and readings that have been chosen to express our national language and dialects.  Designed to be visited at twilight through to dusk, it starts on on July 19th and ends on July 22nd.  On the eve of the Olympics, “the tents will offer from the sea a beacon of welcome to our shores” and are also a response to the UN’s call for a worldwide laying down of arms during the Olympics.  There are more details on the website, and tickets can be booked in advance ….  I’m just hoping it manages to stop raining when we drive up to Anglesey on Saturday night/Sunday morning. 

White Cloud is currently offering a 15% discount on Magnewool Pet Beds for readers of The Lady magazine which is valid until 31st August.  These are wonderful for cats or dogs that are either older or suffering from aches and pains; the magnets do a marvellous job of promoting natural healing and improving blood flow….



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