On going consequences of the Christchurch earthquake and two unsolved mysteries

We had an email this morning from a close friend in New Zealand describing life in Christchurch, as the anniversary of last year’s devastating earthquake gets ever closer,  she wrote that they have now had to endure over 9,500 earthquakes in about 500 days.  Another of our friends visited over Christmas and she described the shock of flying over Christchurch and seeing a city as big as Bristol being flattened.  As someone with a nursing background, conditioned to coping with stressful situations, she said she came home in a state of utter bereavement.   Almost 26,000 inhabitants have now packed up and are seeking a life elsewhere because the devastation has had so many long term consequences.   New Zealanders have an innate resilience and an ability to find ingenious solutions and we are firmly committed to continuing to provide New Zealand made products.

Two unexplained mysteries:

1.  Why has one of our Jack Russells (the mildest mannered one) started barking constantly every night?  Initially we thought we should get fierce with him, but that hasn’t worked, putting him outside all night does seem to work but seems cruel, the only option left is to separate him from his sister and force him to sleep in the porch at night where no one else has to listen to him – any one with experience of pet behavioural issues, do please get in touch and let us hear your suggestions …

2.  How did Sherlock fake his death in the BBC series last Sunday?  We have watched it twice now and are none the wiser; if anything it has provoked more discussion than it did before!

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