Olly the Siamese, Pet websites and Frampton Country Show – 12th September

This is the new office cat! Olly arrived in our lives last Friday- all the way from Epsom, he now lives in Gloucestershire and has got all of us firmly where he wants us. The dogs are coping really well with the new upstart and, apart from our lacerated arms and legs, we all love him! Just what a Siamese should be; fearless, naughty and adventurous- he is really great fun- pint sized, he thinks he is bigger than he is and nothing daunts him. Perfect, just the cat I have been looking for …

On the subject of pets, we have recently had a flurry of activity linking with other pet websites and suggest it is worth taking a look at, amongst others, a particularly good video on the K9 Magazine website http://www.k9magazine.co.uk/ talking about White Cloud wool pet beds. Or take a look at the video below.

Other White Cloud news- we have been delighted by the number of visits to the http://www.sheerluxe.com/competition/157.htm website, it offers the chance of winning a £500 voucher and it is open to anyone to take part.

Just today we have sent an application for a trade stand at Frampton Country Show on September 12th– this is a lovely old fashioned traditional country show in Gloucestershire, with a definite emphasis on dogs, sporting events and rural life. We thoroughly enjoy it and will be going along this year with lots of wool pet beds, wool pillows and lanolin skin creams and if room allows, some lovely warm wool blankets. If you are local to Gloucestershire, please make a day of it and, even better, come and find the White Cloud stand … http://www.framptoncountryfair.co.uk/ It is the 25th Anniversary Fair this year.

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