Olly, Sheerluxe competition, Tadpole PR and Gooseberry Fool!

Olly’s spot! Here he is, now firmly esconced in our lives, family and work. He has all of us exactly where he wants us and we love him dearly. Like all Siamese cats, he is brainy, feisty and naughty. More like little dogs than cats, they are hugely companionable and he never fails to entertain us.

We were absolutely delighted that over 6,000 people took part in our recent Sheerluxe competition, news like this is tremendously heartening and bolsters our confidence in our products.
Much of what we do and achieve would not be possible without Marisa and Kat at Tadpole PR; we first made contact a year or so ago and since then they have jostled us along and generally prodded and persuaded. Our meetings generally consist of a rendezvous at The Ludlow Food Centre, half way between where we all live, which gives all of us an excuse to visit the wonderful food shop and pretend to talk business while Kat eats her bacon butties! Seriously, we feel very grateful to have the support and help of two such optimistic, friendly and enthusiastic people. The main focus of this morning’s meeting was to show them our new packaging and to discuss the next stage of our new brochure. We expect to have this finished around the end of September and it will reflect the look of our website and include all that we have recently been working on. A long time ago we were advised that a brochure should be renewed every two years to keep it interesting. In other words, just as you think you have got it right, 18 months goes by and it is time to look at it all over again!
Last but by no means least…..
My saintly cousin has made her annual pilgrimage from NZ to come and stay for the summer and thanks to her unstinting efforts with secateurs and protective gloves, we have rediscovered our gooseberry bushes! Absolutely laden with fruit, I decided we would post up one of my favourite recipes:

Gooseberry Fool – serves 4-6

About 450g/1lb of gooseberries, topped and tailed
2 oz unsalted butter
4 tbsp or so of muscavado sugar
Half a pint of single cream or half each single and double
3 egg yolks

Stew the gooseberries gently in the melted butter and sugar in a heavy bottomed pan, turning frequently as the sugar begins to coat and caramelise. Do not allow the berries to overcook. They are cooked when you can crush them with a fork without resistance. Leave to cool.
Scald the cream, then pour over the beaten egg yolks, whisking as you go, before returning the mixture to the pan. Continue to cook and stir or whisk over a gently heat until the custard has thickened. Pay attention at this stage or the mixture will scramble! Fold the fruit into the custard, cool and spoon into glasses or a glass bowl.

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