Olly news, Summer Newsletter and the many capers of switching bank accounts!

Olly news
Olly continues to keep us exactly where he wants us; increasingly confident of his surroundings he has taken to chasing Bertie, the mildest mannered Jack Russell there ever was. Great fun and highly amusing! Olly is a huge success- who knows he might be modelling cat beds next- he certainly has the requisite supermodel temperament!

First achievement of the week! 2500 summer newsletters printed, folded, put in envelopes and sent out- neatly but coincidentally timed with the news of a VAT increase! I think the delay in the increase has taken most people by surprise, most businesses were expecting implementation rather sooner than early January. From the beginning we have tried to put in a little bit extra for our existing customers; our belief is that they are responsible for the success of the business and they deserve extra nurturing and rewards.

Second achievement of the week- although not quite accomplished yet; the moving of the bank accounts! As luck would have it, we are right in the middle of switching bank accounts just as we have to send a payment for the next Order to New Zealand. It hasn’t been easy for them or us, but by tomorrow, fingers crossed, the dust might have settled and the poor ancient fax machine might have some time off work! It has been quite a dilemma for some time; we knew it would be painful, but it is time for the company to tackle more and we need the help of a designated business advisor. I just hope and pray our local branch of Barclays does not get the chop under some short-sighted cost cutting exercise. Perhaps the new coalition government will help foster a return to old fashioned common sense in all sorts of areas in our lives. Oh joy, the unwelcome arrival of four sets of new debit cards, four sets of new numbers, four sets of online banking numbers- all supposed to be different, that we remember only in our heads and don’t commit to paper….

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