Newent Daffodils, The Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust & Tamasin Day Lewis cook book

A rare and wonderful Spring day which got off to a flying start with the sighting of a hare on the way to school, quite a rarity in this part of Gloucestershire and something to be really treasured.   Not only was it a lovely warm sunny day, but this afternoon I was invited to join a group of about 50 long term supporters of the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust to walk through Betty Daw’s Wood and see Gwen & Vera’s Fields.  Both of these sites contain an absolute abundance of local wild daffodils.  Evidently this little corner of Gloucestershire/Herefordshire still has the remains of ancient fields systems and woodlands that have stayed relatively unchanged.  It was really encouraging to learn that although it may seem many daffodils come up “blind” they are, in fact, juvenile plants and it can take over 5 years for them to come into flower.  To walk through ancient woodland and hear a Chiff-Chaff and a Green Woodpecker was good enough for most of us, but to be treated to some home made cakes and tea at the end of it was perfect.

Proof reading some course work for Son number 2 at Uni (and learning about Perverse Incentives into the bargain) this evening was followed by a delightful spending spree, courtesy of PayPal on two Tamasin Day Lewis cookery books that have been absent for far too long on our kitchen shelf…


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