New stock, new ideas for the White Cloud range and yet another visit to the vets

A positive start to 2011- the container that got snowed in and stuck at Southampton over Christmas finally got delivered on Tuesday! A mad frenzy of unpacking and repacking went on within a short space of time which meant all our back orders could get sent out and it seems, fingers crossed, that most of the parcels have now found their owners. The majority of the container was filled with 450 pillows destined for the South of France, so not only did we have to unpack our own products in record time, but we also had to prepare and palletise an awful lot of pillows ready for shipping today. Now that we have an English friend living in the South of France able and willing to translate on our behalf it will make business transactions with the French much, much easier.

This week has entailed the inevitable January stock take and, as a result, there are a selection of really good bargains now posted on the website:- special_offers all are either ex-show, photography or discontinued items and are one-off specials. All are competitively priced, so if there is something in particular that you have had your eye on, check out the Special Offers page…

We have spent the Christmas holidays mulling over some new possibilities for the White Cloud range; by a strange but wonderful coincidence we have come across a wool co-operative in Banks Peninsula. This is a very special and historic part of New Zealand that was badly affected by the Christchurch earthquake but for us it holds a particular significance as one of my cousins lives there and, being both a New Zealander and a farmer herself, she knows most of the folks involved in the co-operative. The wool quality is gorgeous and we have seen some of the finished results, so 2011 may well see us bringing and adding some new lines to our range. Watch this space as they say …

The festive period was not without its moments; one of our Jack Russells (or “Jack Rascals” as a friend calls them) found some lovely chocolates on the kitchen table made, lovingly, by one of my brothers and sent with great pride from Cornwall. Bella decided to help herself without anyone noticing and at about 11.30pm we got a frantic phone call from home. The long and short of it is that Bella had to be whizzed to the local vet at midnight by the boys and she was one ill little dog. It was a nasty introduction to the responsibilities of having pets for our sons, but to give them credit, they had found symptoms on the internet and acted very promptly. Thank you to our nice kind vet, who knows this particular little dog very well, having wired up her jaw 18 months ago (almost his first task on arrival at the practise), has extricated another tooth after another badger incident and has now cared for her overnight and saved her life. She is one lucky little dog- all we have to do is wait for the forthcoming vets bill!

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