New Pure Wool Pet Beds from White Cloud – Press Release – May 2011


You love your pets and the team at WhiteCloud know this which is why they have recently launched a range of luxury dog and cat beds made from the finest wool you could possibly find.

These Cat and Dog beds are made using the pure wool fleece by White Cloud and will offer your loving family friend the perfect place to bed down, relax after a good walk and call their own, offering comfort and a little bit of luxury at a very reasonable price.

They provide excellent insulation for your cat and/or dog and are particularly good for the cold damp weather as wool fleece absorbs moisture and so your pet does not feel damp.

Comfortable and for use all year round, as natural wool moderates temperature keeping cool in summer and warm in winter.

A super natural alternative pet bed!

All of the beds can be ordered directly from the WhiteCloud website or by calling them on 01989 721010 and are available in the following sizes:

Small – 55cm x 42cm

  • Medium – 70cm x 52cm
  • Large – 94cm x 70cm
  • Extra Large – 116cm x 82cm

These high quality luxury pet beds are made using machine washable wool fleece and are backed and edged in hardwearing gingham.

Time to treat your pet to the comfort they deserve!

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