New Product Guide for White Cloud, The Spirit of Summer at Olympia and Pygmy Pinetum

Work continues apace on the new White Cloud Product Guide; this will be a small but beautifully formed little brochure that will, we hope, summarise all that White Cloud represents.  Once printed, this will accompany all our products and we are expecting it to be ready in time for The Spirit of Summer Show in Olympia in May.  It is always a bit of a gamble working out print-runs; too many and it can become out of date, too few and it is both expensive and there is a likelihood of running out!

This glorious Spring weather makes working in the garden an absolute pleasure and at the weekend I made the first of my yearly visits to Pygmy Pinetum Garden Nursery in the Forest of Dean.  This is an absolute gem of a Nursery – small, knowledgeable and with a gorgeous selection of plants.  Fortunately it has not gone the way of so many other local “Garden Centres” which have transformed into  outdoor supermarkets, full of plants grown in Holland.  Pygmy Pinetum is a joy to visit with plants that have been both grown and propagated locally.

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