New photos for the website, White Cloud packaging progress report and the beginning of a trading link in France

At last …. we have found enough spare time to start adding some new photographs to our website!
Like a shop window, a website needs constant attention and constant variation. The tricky thing is maintaining “the look” already achieved, but to keep the content fresh and interesting.
These new photographs will form the basis of our new brochure in the next few months. We pride ourselves on offering a brochure for interested customers; so many companies seem to presume it is something that is no longer necessary and they can save themselves money by not offering one. We totally disagree and feel a brochure is incredibly important; there are still many, many people who do not wish to purchase from a website, they like to sit and study information and, in many cases, it gives a mail order/website company credibility.

Coupled with the new brochure will be our new White Cloud branding- this is a very big step towards establishing White Cloud as a brand of it’s own. Within a couple of months we expect all of our duvets, underblankets and pillows to be labelled White Cloud- it has been a long journey, but hopefully a fruitful one! Tackling all of this during times of financial difficulty and recession is a challenge, but we remain confident in all of our products and feel that the time and money spent now, will pay dividends in the future. We hope you, our loyal customers, feel as excited about the “new look” as we do, when it starts to appear.

Our very first shipment to a chain of shops in France leaves New Zealand at the end of this week; we have had to brush up our French considerably and are very excited to be at the beginning of a new link with an entrepreneurial family owned company based in the South of France.

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