New gingham for dog beds, exasperation with big brother and the Cheltenham Christmas Gift Fair

What fun we had on Monday morning! SagePay decided, in its infinite wisdom, that it was going to “upgrade” all of its payment arrangements and we, along with millions of other customers, were left wondering what the hell was going on when we couldn’t log in, access payments or reconcile accounts. Our increasing frustration and feelings of bewilderment came to a head when a regular customer wrote, by email, to say she couldn’t put through a payment and please could I telephone her. Fortunately we managed to help Natasha but goodness knows how many other customers were deterred by the utter ineptitude of the whole thing. Maybe it’s because I have passed the magic 50 milestone, but I feel increasingly at the mercy of larger organisations imposing “stuff”- most of which has not been requested and has been imposed for their “security” and our inconvenience.

More fun and games yesterday when we discovered that Guy’s private Barclaycard had been used fraudlently and various unauthorised transactions had gone through. Oh the joys, but in this case, we had to eat humble pie and acknowledge that actually the whole thing was dealt with very well and we were grateful to have been watched over by “big brother” …

On a much more enjoyable note, we now have gorgeous new French navy/biscuit gingham for our dog bed material and we all think it is exactly what we have been searching for over the last three years. I have bought as much stock as we can afford, because experience tells me that as soon as you like something, it becomes discontinued! Anyway, the very first dog bed to be made with it was for Rosemary in the Isle of Wight who wanted an extra, extra large, so that it would fit inside Hugo’s basket and go all the way up the sides. Sue diligently sewed on Sunday and off it went on Monday, looking really fantastic.

Friday and Saturday this week are taken up with the Cheltenham Christmas Gift Fair at the Racecourse- we don’t often do Shows these days, so I am looking forward to it, but quite how we are going to transport all the things that are currently sitting waiting to go, remains to be seen.
We have made lots of gorgeous little cellophane wrapped sheep soap gifts and I am hopeful they will be really popular. We love these little soaps and they are now a permanent fixture on our stock list- made with shea butter, almond oil and sheep milk they are very appealing.

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