Natural Therapies for dogs and cats

How can dogs and cats benefit from sleeping with magnets?
At White Cloud we have an increasing number of enquiries from pet owners. Mostly these are customers who have purchased a Magniwool Underblanket for themselves and have noticed a distinct improvement in their health and Boldwellbeing and would like something similar for family pets.

Magnets work by improving blood circulation; the iron in the blood is stimulated by the action of the magnets and this really does result in improved levels of health and mobility. We are now developing a range of Magniwool Cushions specifically for pets. The outer cover is washable high quality gingham and the cushion itself is protected by a washable inner cover.

Will my pets like sleeping on the cushion? Yes! We now have a number of customers whose animals will sleep on nothing else! They seem to naturally choose the cushions over and above any other bedding and these are pillow sized so can be used in most situations …

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