Natural solutions for headaches, stress and Migraines with MagneHealth

We at White Cloud have been working hard to create a new website for our unique range of magnetic therapy products.  MagneHealth has been part of our general UK A6551859 ed 2range since we started in 2005, but almost 10 years on we feel it deserves a website of its own.  Deborah has just finished some really lovely photography for the products and this particular one shows a magnetic Pillow Pad and a magnetic Pillow Cover.  Both contain a large number of small magnets, encased in washable cotton.  These have proven particularly effective at reducing headaches and migraines.  The body heals by the greatest degrees at night, which is why sleeping with products is far more beneficial than just wearing an item, such as a magnetic bracelet, during the day.

MagneHealth Pillow Pad £24.50 and MagneHealth Pillow Cover £44.50

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