Natural relief from migraines and White Cloud announces the expansion of the Magnehealth range 2013

I think it makes a difference!”  this was the opening sentence of a recent online review that we received for our Magnehealth Pillow Insert  (these simple little pads are quilted cotton with about 40 small effective magnets, easily slipped inside a pillow to help ease headaches)  Michelle went on to say “Having suffered from migraine since childhood and the auras that come with it, I have not woken with that “heavy head” feeling since using my pillow insert….”

Magnets provide a completely natural, drug free, solution to many ailments and conditions.  White Cloud is expanding its range of magnetic health products in 2013 and will be launching the Magnehealth brand shortly.  We believe in providing improved sleep, whether it be by sleeping with a wool duvet, or using the natural power of magnets to restore health and wellbeing. 

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