Musings on Mulesing ….

Many listeners will have heard a feature on the Radio 4 “You and Yours” programme on Monday 9th August discussing Mulesing.

What is Mulesing?
This is an inhumane and cruel practise used to prevent fly strike to sheep in Australia. For more exact details we suggest you read more on the internet, but it involves cutting off the skin around the tail, causing severe scarring and the prevention of natural regrowth of wool. It is widely used in the production of Merino wool in Australia and many consumers may not be aware how much Australian wool is used in the clothing industry and, of course, the bedding industry. There has been much campaigning to stop it but a deadline of 2010 for phasing out Mulesing in Australia is now thought to be unrealistic.

Mulesing is not practised in New Zealand and consequently products can be bought, used/worn /enjoyed with a clear conscience. There we are, even more reason to support the New Zealand wool industry… as Kiwis are fond of saying “forget the mozzies, let’s squash the Ozzies” – sums it up really!

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