Merino Wool – Neck Warmers & News of False Claims – White Cloud January Bargains

For Christmas we gave all our boys a Merino wool neck buff to take with them on a skiing holiday to Andorra (fantastic value, superb hotel and one of the best holidays we have ever had, thank you Inghams!).  When we actually got to Arinsal, the ski shops were full of the same neck buffs, because they are actually made in Spain!  Wonderful products, we all agreed it was the one item we didn’t want to forget each morning…

Last week we were sent an interesting article titled “Fine for false wool claim” –“A company on the Gold Coast in Australia has been fined $6600 for falsely claiming its bedding products were made from 100% wool.  It allegedly used a polyester mix in products carrying the official Woolmark logo.  It seems these products were made between November 2010 and August 2011.  The case follows a similar instance in July last year when online trader Marksun Australia Pty Ltd was fined $430,000 by the ACCC for false and misleading conduct after advertising Chinese made ugg boots as Australian made”.

This coming week we will be working on our next newsletter.  The focus will be “January Bargains” as we need to clear some space for the next Magnewool container, to be followed shortly thereafter by a container full of new duvet stock.   The annual stock check is an added incentive to rationalise and put one-off items up for sale.

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