Magnewool Pillow Pads and the remarkable difference magnets can make

One of our biggest sellers over the past month has been the Magnetic Pillow Insert, this is largely because it was mentioned in the June issue of Spirit & Destiny magazine and it detailed the difference a Magnewool underblanket has made to one of our customers, Sheila.  It has provoked an enormous amount of interest, so much so, that we have had to increase our next Magnewool order.  I think one of the secrets of the success of this particular article is that it was Sheila’s story in her own words and we now include a copy of it with every brochure that is mailed out.  To give a little flavour:

“Q.  Will you continue with magnetic therapy?”

Sheila:  “Definitely.  My husband has been using a magnetic pillow as well, and he’s been sleeping much better.  Even my cat who is 18 years old and used to find it hard to jump and run, has shown huge improvements since we put a magnetic cushion in her basket.  Now she can jump down and move quite comfortably.  It’s changed all of our lives for the better”.

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