Little Black Sheep, The Saturday Telegraph and a definite "NO" to local Supermarket development

We love the sheep soaps so much that we have decided to add to the collection- some gorgeous little black sheep soaps are now available. They are so appealing that we have put together a little pack of 2 white and 1 black sheep, all for the same price as normal (£12) and added them to the White Cloud range. I have my eye on some little lamb soaps next, just in time for Easter….

It has been pleasing to find that our forthcoming Junior Range for younger customers is attracting interest in the press and next weekend (26th March) we hope to have some or all of it mentioned on Daisy Bridgewater’s page in the Saturday Telegraph. We have been working on this Junior Range for quite some time as we have found that parents are increasingly aware themselves of the benefits of wool and want the same for their children. We have included details in our new Price List and will be publishing a special introductory price within the next few days.

It’s not often that smaller companies can say “thanks” to bigger companies, but Boots and other high street stockists have decided, for some bizarre reason, to no longer stock lanolin based creams. Hurray we say, because we have noticed sales of our wonderful Lanolin Intensive Cream rise dramatically!

Mind you, one always has to keep a wary eye open; in our local town of Newent last week there was the start of a petition against the development of a supermarket on the outskirts of town. Up until now we have been fortunate to escape the relentless march of the supermarket, but as we all know, they never ever give up. Newent still has a remarkably intact town centre with lots of independent shops, and long may it continue to flourish; we have 2 butchers, a baker, an ironmongers, a greengrocers, a pet shop, a wonderful 2nd hand exchange clothes shop, a sports shop, a quilting shop, a couple of cafes, 2 banks, a chemist, an antique clock shop, 2 florists, a health food shop, a sweet shop and more hairdressers per capita than anywhere else I know! Combined with a Library, a Post Office, a Doctors Surgery and easy parking we are incredibly fortunate. Some might suggest we live in a time warp, but I for one really love it and the most important thing of all is feeling that we, as individuals, really do matter to these businesses. Oh, I nearly forgot the fish and chip shop and the best Indian takeaway in Gloucestershire ….

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