Lambskins for babies; why they are so hard to find and how to care for them

A consistently good seller for White Cloud is our baby lambskins.  We buy these in New Zealand from one of only two remaining tanneries in the Southern Hemisphere and they are increasingly difficult to get hold of.  A shortage of lambs is an unexpected consequence of the global recession.  Not only are there fewer lambs, but those lambskins that are available are smaller than they were before which has meant spending a large part of today trying to amend our listing on Amazon.  Oh the joys of it, first of all it wouldn’t accept a slightly different image and then it refused to accept an amended size and price.  Why is it that a “small” task always turns into a big one?!

We are working on an additional sheet of Care Instructions for lambskins because they are small and delicate and do not respond well to anything hotter than a handwash.  The suppleness of the skin can be maintained by adding some baby oil to the water.  Once dry, the wool will revert to its natural “crimp”, but it can be brushed gently with a fine hair brush.  All that these little skins need is a bit of tender loving care….

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