Keep calm and carry on sewing and news of “Wellington”‘s blog for Wool Week

"Wellington" passing the time of day with "Olly" our office cat

"Wellington" passing the time of day with "Olly" our office cat

Here we have “Olly” (our office cat”) leaping out of a box at “Wellington”, but more of “Wellington” later…

This weekend is being spent preparing for Burghley Horse Trials – this entails trying to guess what size van might be required, whether wool pillows might sell better than wool duvets, but needing to take duvets anyway (but which size, which weight and how many?)etc…   Fortunately for us, we have the inestimable Sue who carries on sewing regardless;  having decided to put our lovely little blanket stitch machine to good use, Sue came up with a project to make lots of scrumptious wool cushions and hot water bottle covers.  By using little wool pillows inside the cushions, we have come up with something we think is rather special and Burghley will see the official launch of these small, but beautifully formed additions to the White Cloud Wool range ….

“Wellington” is our rather handsome mascot – handmade in New Zealand for us about 3 years ago, he travels to all our Shows and has a loyal fan club!   For Wool Week (5th-11th September) we have decided to invite “Wellington” to contribute a daily blog, which will be a diary of what goes on, on a daily basis, at White Cloud.  As he is unaccustomed to public speaking, we thought we ought to have an official portrait taken of him, so he was photographed yesterday, in his best bib and tucker, and he will be the “face” of White Cloud for The Campaign for Wool and Wool Week in particular.  “Wellington” has already accepted an engagement on Friday 9th September to represent White Cloud  at a newly opened eco-friendly shop in Malvern, more details to follow ….

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